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Using SEO in Hertfordshire is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that when your customers go searching online for your products and services, they find you.  The same way that you probably found this page is because you more than likely searched SEO Hertfordshire or a term I have optimised the content for and found this page on the front page of Google, or I led you hear through the internal links on my website.

Search Engine Optimisation in Hitchin Hertfordshire

90% of all traffic doesn’t go any further than the first page of Google, so that is where the pages of your website need to be.  I can put your website pages on page one that’s not the problem, getting visitors to your website I can do all day long.  What you need to happen when visitors arrive on specific pages of your website is for them to take the action you want them to take.  Whether that is to complete a form, click add to basket, buy or any other action.

You have to make your call to action as clear as possible don’t leave visitors guessing what they should do because that only ends up in them exiting your site.

Now SEO begins with identifying the keywords you want to rank for, and then you select the pages that those keywords fit, if they don’t fit existing pages then you need to create optimised pages that contain that keyword.

That is a very high-level view of one of the first things that need to be done.

The fact that you have landed on this page means you’re a company that’s based in Hertfordshire, and you’re looking for someone to help with SEO. Hence, the title at the top of the page is SEO Hertfordshire.

You see I did the process explained above, after identifying a keyword that was being used and realised that I didn’t have a page that this keyword could be mapped to, and so I created this page as an example to show you. Hopefully, you’ve just had an aha moment and connected the dots if not don’t worry that’s what you need me for.

I used the title to give Google an indicator that the content on this page is safe to show users that are searching for an SEO company based in Hertfordshire.  Google and other search engines have a set of criteria that pages of your website must meet for them to consider placing you on the front page, page one of Google.

Google will look at the structure of your web page which begins with:

  • URL which is the address of your page
  • It will also look at your title
  • Meta description
  • Then your content

Now that is yet another high-level view of what the Google is after.

What you need to know is that I have worked on some incredible projects and ranked for thousands of search terms.

Now I would love to hear about your project to see if I can assist you in any way with your online marketing.

While I am happy to look at your project, I like to make sure your time is not wasted saying, of course, I can help you when let’s be honest I might not be able to. I also need to make sure that we’re a good fit to work together.

You know what I mentioned earlier about a call to action well here’s mine…

Click on Discovery Form and take a few minutes to complete it, this will help me to carry out a preliminary investigation into your website and your competitors.  I will then contact you and discuss my findings with you.  If you have any problems using the contact form then use the contact form to get in touch