Direct others and empower them to make their own decision.

It’s one thing to manage people; it’s an entirely different game to direct them.

Managing people is like being a driving instructor sat next to a learner driver having to watch and correct every move.

Directing people is about letting them know where you need them to be and placing a sat nav on the dashboard and a mobile phone on the passenger seat, then saying goodbye.

You’re trusting that they can follow instructions and if not they’ll call, they feel empowered because they know what’s expected of them, and you trust them to get there.

Having managed internal and external teams, stakeholders and senior management. I know when to place the sat nav on the seat…

I have successfully directed complex website builds and online marketing campaigns for over 20 clients simultaneously. When needed I role up my sleeves and take the hands-on approach, and when you combine this with empowering others, it means I just get things done.